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eMoney Wealth eValuator

One thing that sets our firm apart from others is our proprietary web-based, interactive program called eMoney Wealth eValuator.  This tool gathers all your important data – wills, trusts, investments and insurance – into one place. You can easily keep an eye on your financial situation on a daily basis.

With this new, secure web-based system, you have around-the-clock access to all of your financial information in a single, well-organized location.  Track all of your accounts at one time.  View updated balances daily. Collaborate online with one of our financial advisors.  Best of all, you can do this where and when you want.

In addition to accessing your financial information, you can store your documents in a digital vault for convenient access 24/7... insurance policies, wills, trusts, deeds, titles, passports... you name it, it can be stored for instant access from anywhere at any time.  The digital vault is just one of the great features of our eMoney Wealth eValuator system.