Retirement Income Strategies: Financial Plans for Retirement

For many individuals, retirement is not only when they get to stop working, but when they get to begin living. All retirees need to have a sound income plan in place to fund their future—the team at PPG can help you develop a retirement income strategy that will get you where you want to go.

Retirement income strategies are a smart planning move no matter your age; the earlier you begin to invest and plan, the more opportunities you have to build a profitable financial plan for retirement.

For most, a retirement income strategy is centered on an investment plan like a 401k or IRA. Pensions, social security, annuities, and other periodic payments should also be accounted for and worked into the plan. By working with a PPG advisor, you can project the numbers these accounts will be at come your retirement date and how much you can use monthly as income in order for it to last. By knowing these numbers now and making the changes necessary to better meet your future plans, you have a better chance of retiring in a more comfortable financial situation.

Call PPG today to schedule a meeting to discuss your retirement income strategies. You bring your dreams, and we will help create a financial plan that can get you there.